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My Approach.....

My approach to wedding photography is very natural, I don’t ask you to stare into the camera, I don’t ask you to say cheese. Everything I do is about making you relax and just be yourself. Most of the time I am told that people don’t like their photos taken, my aim is to completely flip that upside down and show you it is actually great fun!

I am very methodical when it comes to planning, I always get as much information as I possibly can so I have a detailed timeline of your day and know exactly what is happening and when. I work with you to ensure you get everything you wanted and more. 

 To sum it up I’m very relaxed but at the same time I take what I do extremely seriously. If you have liked what you see and would like to find out a bit more about me and what I do then please get in touch, I will always be happy to offer help and advice were you need it or even meet for a coffee with you and have a chat about your day.